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A lesson in Cryptocurrency History

The first Cryptocurrency named Bitcoin was formed in 2008 by a group or people or person going by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Although the concept of digital money was sought after and researched way before then, the overall technology that was needed to make the idea a reality came into existence once Bitcoin was…

Crypto Airdrop

TYSlearn: What are AirDrops

If this term seems familiar to you, it might be because you are an avid player of PUBG or Fortnite. It could also mean that you are a cryptocurrency trader who likes to take part in giveaways and get free coins. Since you are reading this on a Crypto based platform, then the topic is…

Tyslin Coin

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

In case you have somehow spent the last decade living without the internet in complete isolation away from the rest of the world, you would know what Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is. Now if you are a seasoned veteran at trading and following up to the latest coin values, then you might not gain any insights…