Tyslin Multicoin Secure Wallet

Experience unparalleled user-friendliness with speedy transactions Open the doors to a revolutionary financial system with you at the center. Store and Manage your cryptocurrency with one secure wallet. Speedily and easily receive, send, buy & exchange 250+ cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum and many more. It’s a user-friendly, intuitive, elegant and lightweight application for a smooth crypto experience.


Guaranteed Security

With our backup encryption and two-factor authentication, your digital assets are in safe hands.


Unparalleled User-friendliness

Our User Interface is designed to be intuitive and simple. Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio with elegance and ease. Easily reach out to our 24/7 support in any need.

more cryptocurrency

More than 20 cryptocurrencies

With Native Support for more than 45 blockchains, Buy and sell all major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, BSV, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, TRON, BEP2, TRC10, TRC20, ERC20 and many more!


Instant transfers

Enjoy seamless trading with high liquidity and lesser processing and transaction times. Instantly transfer coins wallet-to-wallet and also swap coins and tokens within your wallet easily

Tyslin Wallet

Enjoy full access to Blockchain and manage the bitcoin addresses linked to you Wallet.
With Tyslin Wallet without compromising your privacy.

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All your identification documents safely integrated into the system. Making sure it’s really you.

Access Anywhere

Buy, Sell or Exchange your assets literally anywhere. All you need is the app.

Security First

Encryptions and Authentications for every step. It’s safer than a real bank. We can guarantee that.

Send & Receive

Fast, reliable and secure. What else do you need for cryptocurrency trading?

Simplest Way to Start Trading

Download Tyslin Wallet – Sign up to get your profile & Address – Send and Receive Cryptocurrencies

Watch out for AirDrops

Get yourself and the whole squad ready because it is about to get real. Over the course of the Tyslin journey, we are planning to reward our users with free TYS coins! All you have to do is download our App and sign up! To learn more about AirDrops, Click here.
Follow us on Twitter/Telegram or any one of our social profiles to stay updated with our oerings because its first come first serve and a limited number of free coins.

Get the whole squad on Board

We are always looking to expand our community for one purpose only. We want more people to gain Financial Freedom and the best way to do that is to let them try out the Tyslin Experience for themselves. So refer us to your contacts and get 100 TYS coins sent straight to your wallet. Users who type in your referral code while signing up with Tyslin Wallet for the first time will add to your balance. They experience Crypto trading at its best while you get additional coins sent to your address, all because you spread our word!


Users can swap coins between multiple cryptocurrency pockets in the wallet in extremely simple and easy steps. Tyslin Wallet offers the best exchange rate possible without the need to manually place buy/sell orders to give users more low-cap and low liquidity tokens at spot price. Users can swap BTC, ETH and USDT into multiple cryptocurrency, from XEM and REM to BCH and DASH. Tyslin charges 0.25% swapping fee.

Buy with Fiat

With Tyslin Wallet, users can instantly buy cryptocurrency and deposit it directly to the wallet and start trading. Multiple payment methods are available. The wallet supports Buying BTC, ETH, USDT, DASH with a credit card.

Local Trading

Users can trade cryptocurrency locally using this feature with end-to-end encryption in a peer-to-peer manner. This service allows traders to find local traders that often meet physically and trade on their own terms, whether that be via bank transfer, any online payment service, cash in person, or a mutual agreement.

Available CryptoCurrencies

We have more than 250 pairs available to choose from.
Enjoy full access to Blockchain and manage the bitcoin addresses linked to you Wallet.

Tyslin Ecosystem – Powered by our native TYSLIN Coin (TYS). Experience the freedom of using TYS to pay for trading fees on the Tyslin Exchange. In the near future customers and vendors will be able to transact in TYS, so don’t forget to avail our Airdrop and Referral program and hold on to your coins!


support : support@tyslin.com
info : info@tyslin.com



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